Our mission is to create a world where innovative technologies redefine Education with real world scalable solutions.

Miami EdTech is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization leveraging innovative programming to unite all stakeholders dedicated to transforming education through the use of technology.

We believe we can make Miami the Global EdTech Hub. Given our K-12 and higher education community, language learner demographic, and international access, South Florida is uniquely positioned to claim the title.


Our Community includes:

  • Educators, Administrators & Students,
  • Corporate Training experts,
  • Education Technology businesses,
  • Nonprofits & Public/Private Schools,
  • Government
  • …anyone invested in the future of Education!

Our programs include an online curriculum and virtual experience covering the following areas:

  • Design Thinking – learn how to design a simple solution to complex problems using research backed techniques.
  • User Testing – learn directly from your intended users and customers.
  • Scaling Lean – explore how to grow and expand your impact with little to no capital.
  • Pitch Coaching – develop a compelling business pitch to present to stakeholders and/or investors.
  • Market Strategy– identify your core purpose and assess personas for market validation.
  • Iterative Learning– Refine your core product based on market validation results and build a landing page.


We partnered with Teach For America - Miami Dade to create the S.I.E.L ( Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership )

2018 Program Overview

S.I.E.L Incubator

The four week intensive program launched on July 10th, 2018 with ten TFA – Miami Dade educators looking to develop and deploy effective solutions for issues in education. These solutions range from resources to address gender-based (trans-gendered) discrimination, to providing healthy and nutritious meal options for students who attend under served schools.

Miami EdTech Accelerator

On January 13th, 2018 we launched our EdTech accelerator. Our first cohort had people and companies that focused on various segments of the EdTech space including:

– K-12 space
– Higher Education
– Corporate Training
– Language Learning


The Miami EdTech EdXpert program is designed to show educators how to effectively use technology, pedagogy and learning spaces to achieve learning goals. What are EdXperts? They are on the front lines of meaningful tech use in education, equipped with the knowledge and understanding as to how to leverage new and existing edtech products to enhance their instruction and practice as educators.