MTA: Python Training

MTA 98-281:
Python Programming

Learn how to code in Python and prepare for the MTA 98-281 Exam.

Summer Trainings

Virtual Computer Science and Industry

Certification Professional Development

The Computer Science Grant that is funding this initiative requires that the Computer Science or Industry certification exam must be taken by the participant at the conclusion of the training on the scheduled date. Therefore, your enrollment in this workshop requires that you take the examination at the conclusion of the training. Master Plan Points will be made available for this training as well as stipends based on sessions attended. Attendance and evaluation at these sessions is required in order to take the exam and receive Master Plan Points. *Space is limited – please do not register for a course(s) that you may not be able to complete, this will keep someone who will take advantage of the opportunity from registering.

Our Objective

This course is designed to help you through instruction or hands-on experience with the Python programming language. With the lessons you learn, you will be prepared to pass the Python certification exam.

Start learning python now!

This course will have several presentations and videos curated by professors who have already passed the exam.