COVID-19 Online Learning Resources and FAQ

We are compiling some of the best resources and exemplars for schools and families preparing for online learning in response to COVID-19

updated: Monday, March 16

As COVID-19 spreads rapidly in the United States, schools and districts are facing difficult decisions around how to protect their students and staff while continuing to prioritize learning and equity.

NEW: Updated guidance now includes school closure decision tree. Guidance for School Settings – Before and During an Outbreak

The most appropriate and effective techniques for presenting description are a matter of ongoing discussion among writers and writing coaches.

As schools are starting to take necessary precautions for the health and safety of their students, we at STEM Fuse want to let you know that we are here to help and support in anyway that we can.  Here are some different ways that our courses are structured to help during this time. All M-DCPS teachers have access!

videoRehearser is a virtual training platform that combines brain science and learning principle to create lessons that replicate real-world experiences. Connect with your teachers and lesson experts no matter where you are. After submitting your video response, the course leader will be able to review and send you personalized feedback directly to you inbox.

The purpose of this group is to share educational resources and support each other as a community of educators. Have you tried this resource before? Did you like it? Hate it? What were the good, bad, and ugly? Interested in trying it out? Let us know how it goes.

Sick of shows that don’t stimulate your mind? Check out our list of over 150 educational shows on Netflix! Use them in your homeschool or just for fun!


2020 Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom

Online Resources for Music

Scholastic Learn at Home – Free online teaching resources and strategies to talk to preK and kindergarten students

Let’s Keep Reading! Keep Thinking with Interactive Read Aloud

The Coronavirus is putting pressure on families, now more than ever, to build relationships long-distance. We built Caribu for kids ages 0-7 to have a more engaging video-call with parents who traveled and grandparents who lived far away.

Kids Classes from Home | Watch on-demand or participate live.
Learn and bond with your 0-6 year old.
Follow and interact with an expert instructor.

Tips for Moving to Online Teaching During a Pandemic

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