Landing a Job in the COVID era – New Skills Economy

Start Time

30 SEP, 2020
6:00 PM

End Time

30 SEP, 2020
9:00 PM


The spread of coronavirus has really impacted hiring practices and job openings. In the shutdown phase alone, up to 53 million US jobs were vulnerable—a term used to encompass permanent layoffs, temporary furloughs, or reductions in hours and pay. While leisure and hospitality accounted for most of the earliest layoffs and furloughs, the share from industries such as retail trade, manufacturing, nonessential healthcare, and professional services has been growing. It is estimated that up to 57 million US jobs are now vulnerable, including more and more white-collar positions. 

Join us as for a panel of speakers each with a unique perspective on how COVID-19 has impacted the job market and what YOU can do during these times. Discover how to create a recovery plan, cultivate resilience, explore career options, update your resume, network virtually, and improve your job search and interview skills.

  • Get support with whatever you are up to and up against. We’ll be answering your questions and providing specific feedback for support.
  • Learn how to deal with any negative thoughts, traits, and theories that are stressing you, keeping you stuck, and informing your current reality.
  • Explore the current opportunities that exist and how you can stand out as a candidate.

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Meet the Panel

Rita Rovira

Human capital leader and matchmaker in the areas of IT, HIT, Legal, and Sale

Pedro Sostre

Startups & Innovation. 3X Founder. Author of Web Analytics for Dummies.

Talita Sueldo

Managing Consultant at the Nexus of Technology and Government Solutions