Workforce Readiness: Collaboration in a Remote Work Environment

Start Time

28 OCT, 2020
6:00 PM

End Time

28 OCT, 2020
9:00 PM

Collaboration Skills Training

The spread of coronavirus is leaving a wide swath of economic damage in its wake. In the shutdown phase alone, up to 53 million US jobs were vulnerable—a term used to encompass permanent layoffs, temporary furloughs, or reductions in hours and pay. While leisure and hospitality accounted for most of the earliest layoffs and furloughs, the share from industries such as retail trade, manufacturing, nonessential healthcare, and professional services has been growing. It is estimated that up to 57 million US jobs are now vulnerable, including more and more white-collar positions.

“Collaboration isn’t something to dread. Life and work is made better by letting other folks in.”

Rachael MadduxCommunications associate at Mailchimp

Collaborative Workforce is the Best Workforce

Employees that work together within teams and across the whole business tend to be happier, and the business benefits from stimulating new ideas that can lead to innovative products and more efficient processes.

This event is targeted for workforce collaboration:

  • Address the value of collaboration to organizations.
  • Outline the conditions that must exist for teams to work collaboratively.
  • Provide teams with tools that encourage collaboration during meetings, decision-making sessions, and other gatherings where the group is tasked with solving problems.
  • Offer tactics for identifying and addressing conflict.
  • Suggest a multitude of methods to spawn ideas, improve reasoning, and evaluate the variability of different initiatives.

About the experts

Talita Sueldo

Managing Consultant at the Nexus of Technology and Government Solutions


Ronnie Bailey

IT Agile Delivery Manager at Florida Power & Light Company