About Riders

A Virtual Robotics and Coding Competition Platform

Riders is a robotics and coding competition platform.

 In Riders you can:

  • Build and code all different types of robots with unique algorithms and then put them in different simulation environments. 
  • Upon a Robot being placed in a simulation environment called the “Riders Arena” users are then able to compete and have their robots face off against one another in unique and challenging competitions to win valuable prizes. 
  • The Riders platform is cloud based which allows all competitions to be conducted virtually without any downloads, installations or browser extensions.

How Does it Work?

  1. Join a Competition 
  2. Work on Your Robot
  3. See Where You Rank and Win Prizes 

What is Riders?
Riders is a company originally founded in Turkey. It evolved out of a hardware robotics company called Acrome and is now on a mission to help democratize robotics and coding competitions for everyone around the world through its innovative software.

What is the Riders Arena?
Riders Arena is the world’s first simulation environment where robotics and coding competitions take place. We allow anyone from around the world to participate in our competitions by creating a Riders account, signing up for a competition, and coding their robot so they can submit it into the Riders arena.

Can you explain the terms IDE and RIDE?
An IDE is a popular acronym used in the computer science industry otherwise knows as an “Integrated Development Environment”. RIDE stands for “Robotics Integrated Development Environment.” Basically, we are providing users a special browser page and, on this page you can start coding your robot in a simulation environment in seconds.

How can I code and simulate my robot on the Riders platform?
Riders provides an online robotics IDE with an integrated robotics simulator. Using ROS (or our ROS-connected libraries), you program the code that would run on an actual Robot and the behavior of your robot is simulated in a

What programming languages is riders compatible with? Currently we’re supporting only Python and C++ programming languages, but we’re planning to support other languages and visual programming paradigms in the future.