Balancing School and Home Life

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Balancing School and Work Life

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Feeling Overworked?

Feeling overworked and doing poorly in school are some common causes of stress in college students. That stress can lead to sleep loss, depression and a whole variety of health problems.

The key to maintain good grades, your job, and your sanity is to find the proper work-study balance.

Figuring out how to balance work and school can be hard, but with the following tips, you can succeed at school and at work. 

What Can You Do?

The thought of adding coursework to an already packed work and home schedule may seem overwhelming, especially for busy parents. However, there are ways to balance your work, home, and school life without feeling the need to add hours to the day.


If a student gets a job while in school, it’s important that they communicate their impending schedule changes to their professors, boss, friends, and family. When they understand you’re demanding schedule, they are more likely to be helpful if you’re struggling, and will likely be even more supportive when you’re is succeeding.

Study Space

Setting aside a dedicated study space can be helpful for students with heavy course loads and jobs on the side. Try to associate a desk or dedicated space in a library to studying. This way you’re less likely to be distracted by thoughts of work or your phone.

Prioritize Health

Good health is essential to maintaining the mindset to attack a to-do list each and every day. This means getting enough sleep, regularly exercising, and eating a healthy, balanced diet.

It may take even more time out of your schedule, but staying healthy should help you be more productive when you do sit down to do schoolwork.

The Right Job

Ideally, you should look for a job that lends itself to a healthy work-life balance. Any on-campus job will make maintaining a work-study balance easier, simply because of the fact that it’s closer to where school is. If you can’t find an on-campus job, try to look for one near campus or where you live.

For many students, the best job for a good work-school balance is one that’s related to their major. You get to stay focused on what they’re passionate about and continue learning while making money at the same time.