Are There Resources For First Generation College Students?

The answer is yes! In the world of higher education, about 30% of all students are first-generation, meaning they are the first in their family to attend a college. Because they are a large portion of students today, colleges and universities need to have resources available for them.


There are many scholarships out there offered specifically for first-generation students. Some are offered for students attending any college or university, while others are school specific. Use scholarship search sites to get started.

Career Advisors

At most schools, students also have the option to meet with a career advisor, who can help them determine what career path they are interested in. They will also provide you with resources that will help you learn more about that career path.

High school Councelors

Your high school counselor has a wealth of knowledge on the college application process. Meet with their counselor about applying for college and eventually paying for it. The counselor should have information on scholarships available for first-generation students, and might be able to help you find schools that are particularly well-known for their resources for these students.

Academic Advisors

Academic advisors know what classes students still need to take, which classes count towards their majors and minors, and whether the students maintain grades high enough to remain within the program. They may also help students apply for graduate school and enroll in semester-abroad programs. Build a relationship with them because they will help you take the best academic path for success.

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