Communicating With Professors

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How to Communicate with Professors

The Benefit of Communicating with Professors

Emailing a professor remains one of the most efficient ways students can establish an open channel of communication outside the classroom. An email allows enrollees to gather and communicate their thoughts with clarity and concision. In addition, an email provides a record of communication, and professors can reply at their convenience. Well-developed digital communication skills serve students in school and in their professional careers.

Professors keep consultation hours to help students with issues not addressed in the classroom. Outside of these hours, students can often contact their professors through email. Taking the time to connect with professors yields several benefits that can last beyond college, including the three advantages described below.

Letters of Recommendation

For recent graduates applying for their first job and early career professionals, employers often accept recommendation letters from school personnel, including college professors. Graduate schools also typically require applicants to submit recommendation letters. Many graduate schools specifically ask for recommendations from college professors who can vouch for the applicant’s academic abilities.

Career Networking

Professors usually discover internship and professional opportunities in their field of practice. They typically share these opportunities with capable students and recent graduates they know of who express interest in pursuing such options.

Career Advice

Even after graduation, early career practitioners benefit from professional advice from knowledgeable professors who hold experience in their field of study. Many professors appreciate graduates who remain in contact with them and continue to update them on their professional progress.

How to Email A Professor

Be as specific as possible, and give examples if needed.

Make sure to have a professional subject line.

Triple check that you are using the correct email – verify with syllabus.

Send a proper closing and start off with a warm greeting.

Be sure to use tools available that ensure an error-free email.

Can’t go wrong with checking again!

Sample Email