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Teach for the future, not past:
Insights and feedback straight from today's top companies and tech innovators INCLUSIVE Designed for ALL students Customized for your organization and specific learning outcomes SUPPORT Full training and onboarding Our close relationships with top technology companies ensures your curriculum is always updated and in high-demand



As a self-taught developer and someone who grew up in a house with educators, I understand the importance of delivering content in a way that is relatable and digestible. We build our PD experiences to support all levels, but, in particular, we focus on those with little to no experience in computer science. Our goal is to level the playing field in CS and it starts with accessible learning opportunities. Al Delcy PD Instructor


Leading curriculum design for emerging tech and entrepreneurship


Practical, Valuable

Project-based learning Daily lesson plans and guidlines Test content and sample problems Remote learning support NEW Real-world lessons and practical skills

Engaging from Day One

Designed using years of feedback from both students and hiring managers Adaptive to meet the needs of virtually any student and teacher Diverse learning environments to foster an inclusive approach to problem solving

Students That Go Further

Extremely high completion rates Excellent student and teacher feedback Life-long support groups and an active CS community NEW Active recruitment from our network of corporate and tech partners


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