Empowering Communities through Equitable Computer Science Training and Workforce Development

We aim to close the skills gap and improve economic opportunities for our community through computer science advocacy and integration, digital skilling, and workforce development. Learn more about our Core Programs here!

Professional Learning

Through collaborative efforts with STEAM and Career and Technical Education departments across the country, we’ve helped make significant strides in empowering educators and enriching student learning experiences. Our comprehensive teacher training initiatives and curriculum development programs have been instrumental in increasing the number of certified CS teachers and those with Industry Certifications. 

Between 2020-2023, over 7000 teachers benefited from our tailored training sessions and gained access to cutting-edge computer science curricula and programming resources. Through our engaging and effective professional learning experiences, we’re not just shaping classrooms; we’re shaping futures, ensuring equitable access to transformative education across Miami-Dade County and beyond. 

K-12 STEAM Programs

Serving over 20,000 students, we help shape a comprehensive approach to K-12 education by providing hands-on STEAM programs to help students understand the fundamentals of Computer Science. We provide STEAM programs such as Intro to AI, Riders Robotics League, Electric Vehicle Fundamentals with Infento, Intro to Python, Coding with Drones, and more.

Workforce Development

We’ve fostered partnerships with local industry leaders in connecting job seekers to employers and locating programs that focus on developing practical skills in emerging technology. Through Registered Apprenticeship Programs and robust internship experiences, we help support the next wave of tech talent. We also demystify workforce programming for employers and help them tap into the benefits available to them such as wage reimbursement and tax incentives. Through our partnership with the Future Ready initiative, we’ve launched Workforce.Miami, a platform that serves as a backbone for upskilling, employment, and talent development. 

EdTech Entrepreneurship 

We help entrepreneurs tackle the big challenges in education – whether they’re already generating revenue or traction or just getting started. We advise EdTech companies and help with US expansion goals or educational calibration.


In the 2022-2023 Year:

AI and UI/UX Apprenticeship Program

This year Miami EdTech has announced a significant milestone in the intersection of education and technology – our approval to participate in the State of Florida’s Apprenticeship System. This achievement is essential for ensuring that Miami-Dade County and our partners across the country continue to produce well-trained, highly qualified artificial intelligence/machine learning developers and user experience & interface designers. Our initiative aims to optimize public-private partnerships, leveraging the immense benefits of Registered Apprenticeship Programs for both the community and employers in the region. Moreover, this sets the stage for the expansion of our program through collaboration with additional employers and postsecondary institutions.

STEMx Program with the Department of Defense

Our Junior Learning Engineer and Junior Web Developer interns hired through the Summer Youth Internship Program played a crucial role in contributing fresh perspectives and feedback with STEMx which was designed in collaboration with the Department of Defense (DoD) and was aimed at nurturing the next generation of leaders in national security by providing hands-on experience and exposure to cutting-edge technologies used in defense and security sectors. Students received training in hardware/software integration through AI image detection and model training, RTL-SDR radio technology, and ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit) plugin design.


The fields of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and UX/UI (User Experience and User Interface) design have experienced remarkable growth in recent years, making them highly attractive career options for those looking to shape the future of technology and user interactions. AI has become a cornerstone of industries like healthcare, finance, and autonomous vehicles, offering solutions that enhance efficiency and decision-making

Students in the STEMx explored the fundamentals of Python and how these skills can be applied in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Software-Defined Radio, and Civilian Defense.