Interactive Map | Systemic Disparities in School Performance Grades

Miami-Dade County Public Schools

The following interactive map highlights some of the systemic challenges our school system faces with regard to how we support Black Students & impact of lack of Internet Access

According to the recent statistical highlights (2019-2020) provided by Miami-Dade County, Black Non-Hispanic students make up 19.5% of the total student population. Despite this, they make up close to 45% of ALL students in ‘C’ or ‘D’ schools. The purple overlay shows the percentage of households without access to the Internet.

What goes into a School Grade?

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2018 & 2019 will highlight School Performance Grades for that year.2018 70+% and 2019 70+% will highlight schools with a Black student population greater than 70% 
Green = A | Yellow = B | Red = C or D]  

Liberty City highlights school performance grades for schools there.

Statistical Highlights

Liberty City
1 %
Black population percentage Source: Population of Miami and Liberty City
'c' and 'd' schools
1 %

45% of students at ‘C’ and ‘D’ schools are Black

Without Internet
1 %

The purple regions highlight areas that have 42% or more without internet