Become a Principal For a Day!

On Tuesday, December 7, 2021, become a Principal for a Day as part of the Principal TODAY tradition at Miami-Dade County Public Schools that connects businesses with schools and students.


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Principal TODAY is an annual tradition of business community leaders visiting our schools to support public education. The program was designed to build long-term business/school partnerships that will benefit our students.

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Our Mission

Increase understanding and awareness between schools, business and the wider community

Promote the great work that schools do

Provide business and community leaders with first-hand and current experiences of schools

Enable school principals to develop on-going relationships with leaders from other spheres

Increase opportunities for schools and the community to work together in mutually beneficial ways.

Suggested Activities

We strongly encourage the school principal and partner to talk prior to the visit to discuss and plan specific activities for the day.

  • Visit and/or teach a class
  • Review daily attendance reports
  • Attend a faculty meeting
  • Work with cafeteria workers as they prepare the day’s meal
  • Give the morning announcements over the P.A. system
  • Meet with the student council and/or student clubs
  • Meet with volunteers and/or representatives of the PTA/PTSA
  • Visit a choice or magnet program
  • Visit an elective class (band, choir, art, drama, etc.)
  • Have lunch with students, parents or faculty
  • Attend an athletic team practice or game
  • Visit after-school programs and/or extracurricular activities


Complete Interest Form

The deadline for submitting the interest form is October 27th, 2021.