Anyone Remember ALIE?


AI has been in the news A LOT lately. However, the focus of the articles has shifted in recent days, going from look at this cool new application to umm maybe we should slow down a bit. On May 1st, the New York Times published an article, ‘The Godfather of A.I.’ Leaves Google and Warns of Danger Ahead. Geoffrey Hinton (the Godfather the title refers to), has worked on AI for over 40 and he has left Google so that he can speak freely about what may happen in the future. 


I know the joke is, “haven’t we all seen Terminator?” But really, haven’t we all seen Terminator?? Even more so, it makes me think of The 100, when we find out **SPOILER ALERT**  that the Earth became uninahbital because an AI, named ALIE, decided the only way to solve the overpopulation issue was to drop nuclear bombs and kill almost all humans. 


Not only have people been worrying more about the end of the world, but also how AI is going to impact students and how we prepare them for what’s coming in the nearer future. In the article Education and Tech Leaders Launch AI Education Framework by Lindsay McKenzie, she says “A slew of tech companies and education organizations banded together on Tuesday to launch TeachAI, a project aiming to create a global framework for computer science and AI education that will protect student safety, respect privacy rights and address issues of bias and misinformation.” Additionally, she went on to say, “The group said meetings will focus on three pillars: policy and pedagogical recommendations for teaching with AI; creating a global curriculum for computer science at the K-12 level; and engaging the public, educators, tech companies, policymakers and administrators through webinars, events, reports and other publications.”


It’s going to be an interesting rest of the decade. 

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