The AI Dilemma: Helping Students Embrace the Future

Many teachers I speak with express concern regarding students’ use of AI to cheat. They have countless stories of catching kids submitting copy and pasting ChatGPT outputs. The types of assignments range from simple reflections to summative essays. Unfortunately, this is a new reality we teachers have to deal with now. So, I found myself […]

Beyond Chat: Discovering the Power of Image-Based Prompts in LLMs

I have been having so much fun exploring AI tools and learning how they can help teachers save time and achieve learning goals. So, I have seen a lot, but one thing I came across recently really blew my mind. Ever since I learned about Large Language Models, I’ve pretty consistently used ChatGPT. However, at […]

The sky IS falling

It has been about a year since ChatGPT came into our lives. Working in education, I have witnessed a rollercoaster of emotions regarding AI. On a daily basis, teachers are either super excited to try a new AI tool, or they rant about how it’s the end of the world. For teachers who want to […]

Countdown to FETC 2024

It’s that time of year again! The Future of Education Technology (FETC) is happening in Orlando, Florida next week. This is one of two conferences (ISTE being the other) that I try to attend every year. Each time I have come back with tools, resources, and strategies that I can implement immediately for my teachers […]

It Really Does Feel Like Magic

Alot of the AI tools out there that are helpful for teachers are not made for teachers. I myself keep a ChatGPT tab perpetually open on my computer.    One tool that is made specifically for educators is MagicSchool. When I first made an account, I couldn’t use it for a few weeks because I […]

AI for Teacher Efficiency

“I have so much time on my hands, I don’t even know what to do with myself,” said no teacher EVER. Teachers never have enough time, between grading, and planning, and actually teaching, and innovating, and learning, and the list goes on. Often teachers get burned out and either the students suffer or they leave […]

How to Teach Students About AI

Today, we hear about Artificial Intelligence everywhere. This is true especially for teachers who not only are discovering ways we can use it to help make our life easier, but also have to learn how to navigate a world where students can use it.    But, how and what should we teach students about AI? […]