3 Ways to Promote Student Independence with Technology

As teachers across the country return to their classrooms from holiday break, many questions linger. After every holiday break as a classroom teacher I would always think to myself: “How can I foster more independence or autonomy in my classroom?” Nearly half way through the school year and many teachers have this similar inquiry and […]

Dive into Coding For The Holidays

The holidays are here! Often, teachers worry about the many days leading up to the holiday break. Students are eager yet restless. A need for constant interaction and high engagement is at an all time high. Students can taste the Eggnog and Christmas cookies as they roam the halls with anticipation. Exhaustion lingers as teachers […]

CSEd Week in Elementary Classrooms

Computer Science Education Week or CSEd Week takes place from December 5-11. This week aims to expose students across all K-12 learning environments to the many opportunities afforded through the study of computer science, specifically computer coding. Students can participate in “Hour of Code” where they take part in different age appropriate coding activities. Skills […]

Classroom Management with Technology

Teachers across the country are constantly looking for ways to meaningfully engage students with technology. Since the conception of public education, teachers have searched for ways to manage a classroom. Many teachers are embracing technology and using it to their advantage in order to engage and keep students and families updated. Seretha George is a […]

Activating STEM in the K-5 Classroom

While education is always transforming, after COVID-19, the transformation for all involved  switched instantaneously. In a matter of days millions of students, schools, educators, and families were thrown into an entire new world, one where all learning became digital. While this reigns true, this week the NAEP scores across the country were released (NAEP Data) […]