Characteristics of a Digital Pedagogy


Leveraging technology in education has created the need for a shift in pedagogy. Now, when planning curriculum, educators need to think about Digital Pedagogy.

“Broadly defined, digital pedagogy is the use of electronic elements to enhance or to change to experience of education.”

But what are the characteristics of a Digital Pedagogy? TeachThought has presented 4 guiding characteristics. They include:

Digital Pedagogy….

  1. Centers its practice on community and collaboration.
  2. Must remain open to diverse, international voices, and thus requires invention to reimagine the ways that communication and collaboration happen across cultural and political boundaries.
  3. Will not, cannot, be defined by a single voice but must gather a cacophony of voices.
  4. Must have use and application outside traditional institutions of education.

You can read more about it here.

Based on your experience with edtech, what are your thoughts on these characteristics? What would you add?


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