Countdown to ISTE 2018!


The Society for Technology in Education conference is just two weeks away! Not only am I going to be attending for the first time, but I am also going to be speaking. If you’ll be there too, you can check out my talk on Using Principles of Successful Start-up Companies in the Classroom:

To facilitate student engagement and ownership of learning, group work can be enhanced using some of the strategies already proven successful by start-up companies. Most of the strategies include leveraging technology by utilizing free services. The apps and websites: help hold the students accountable, allow for more efficient communication – both between student and teacher and between students – make it easier to track student progress and participation, aid in product evaluation and provide a framework for which the groups can interact.

From what I have read and heard from other educators, ISTE has so much to offer, it can be overwhelming. I’m using Patricia Brown’s ISTE 2018 Cheat Sheet in Tech & Learning as a guide. It has tons of easily accessible information all in one place.

What are your goals when you attend a conference? Please share any tips you have – I’d love to hear! And of course, hope to see you there!


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