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Future Ready: STEM Talent that is Up Next!


This year Miami EdTech kicked off the summer by hiring 28 Junior Learning Engineers and Junior Web Developers through the Summer Youth Internship Program (SYIP) to support our programming and provide high quality feedback on our various initiatives. Throughout the 5-week internship, our interns developed and tested incoming initiatives, conducted quality assurance tests, connected and learned from industry leaders from highly ranked companies and attained college and career guidance.

With a focus on getting our interns #Future Ready, we kicked off with an incredible opening by Carlos that inspired them to have great vision for the future during the internship and after their time with us and tips on how to navigate the workforce. With hungry young minds ready to be fed, we kicked off the first week with our Python training in conjunction with The Raspberry Pi Foundation. 

Students that did not have a background in programming went through modules that would help them in growing their knowledge in the language and also providing quality assurance for that program. They would learn the fundamentals through engaging activities such as rocket launching and designing faces. As they went through each one the interns would then provide supplemental projects that they believe would help future students of this program.

Our Junior Learning Engineers and Junior Web Developers also played a crucial role in contributing fresh perspectives and feedback with STEMx which designed in collaboration with the Department of Defense (DoD) , is aimed at nurturing the next generation of leaders in national security by providing hands-on experience and exposure to cutting-edge technologies used in defense and security sectors. Students received training in hardware/software integration through AI image detection and model training, RTL-SDR radio technology, and ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit) plugin design.

Through each module, interns would be challenged to think outside the box and attempt new challenges that could be used in real world applications such as connecting an API and displaying information through LEDs. Using the ATAK module they’ve been able to track flights overhead which through their code they could have the opportunity to scale and remodify to track other things.

By the end of the STEMx Internship Program, our interns developed a strong foundation in Python programming, gained practical experience in AI image detection and model training, acquired skills in RTL-SDR radio technology, and honed their ability to design ATAK plugins. They will be better equipped to pursue future careers in national security, defense, and other related fields, and contribute to the advancement of technology in these critical sectors!

Throughout the internship we would have industry leaders from companies such Google, Brass Ring Impact and Truth Strategy Lab. Our speakers spoke about their journey in the industry, insightful perspectives and navigating through an ever changing field. Each speaker left giving words of wisdom and left an impact on our interns. A special thank you to each of them for taking time out of their busy days to speak to inspire young minds!

To round off a successful cohort, we ended the program with a luncheon to celebrate the interns and their valuable contributions to the company. With a joyful celebration and a heartfelt toast, we sent them off knowing that what they had learnt throughout the summer would be applied to every aspect of their lives. 

We look forward to seeing the impact this makes on our future workforce and for those that they will impact from this internship!

If you’d like to see what some of our interns did this summer, you can view some of their portfolios below.


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