How Edtech Can Help Your Classroom Management


With new technology in the classroom comes new opportunities for students to do things we probably don’t want them to do. Managing this and keeping them on task and engaged is a skill. 

In the article, Technology Helps Teachers Prevent and Mitigate Bad Behavior in the Classroom by Eli Zimmerman, he writes, 

“It can be difficult for teachers to react in ways that will guide students back to proper classroom behavior without alienating them — which is a major concern according to a recent study from the Center for Promise.

‘Because of heightened emotional intensity in adolescence and the punishments typically associated with ‘getting in trouble,’ disciplinary interventions represent pivotal opportunities for students to feel either included and respected or shut down and ignored by schools,’ the study authors write.”

Luckily, edtech companies have detected a problem and are offering solutions. You can read more about it here

How has technology helped you with classroom management? 

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