How Educators can Prepare for the Future (which is now)


Technology has changed pretty much every facet of our lives – including how we learn and therefore how we teach. Some have started to question what the role of the teacher is going to be in the future. Will we be replaced by artificial intelligence? 

In the post, “The Future Proof Educator,” Chris Young argues that there are things we can do to gives ourselves some job security:

The future-proof educator focuses on the ways to make student learning more meaningful and personal through human connection- something that technology and robots cannot replace. Let students know that you care about them and that you value their unique skills. A knowledge base of curricular content is still important, but it isn’t the cornerstone for success it once was. In the future, human connection is king, and the future is now.

What are your thoughts? If you are an educator have you every thought that machines might replace you? 

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