How Much Influence Do We Really Have?


In a post called “When it Comes to Edtech, How Much Influence Do Teachers Have” Nadia Tamez-Robledo, looks at how edtech companies are ensuring their products work for teachers? These stakeholders are responsible for determining how to incorporate it into the lesson plan. 


The article covers how edtech is designed, what investors want and what teachers have to say. One thing that surprised me is that many teachers who used to become ambassadors are now putting their energy elsewhere. Tamez-Robledo spoke with one teacher who explained it this way, “Mendoza notes that he’s joined such ambassador efforts for maybe 20 edtech companies over the years, but these days he passes on such invites. The problem with the model, he says, is those teacher ambassadors typically have little or no influence over the product.”


EdSurge, the blog’s publisher, is “surveying a selection of edtech companies to look more closely at how teachers influence their products. By analyzing the data we collect and talking to industry experts, we hope to create a greater understanding of how edtech businesses bring to market products that are used by millions of students.” 


So, hopefully, more info to come! 

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