How to Teach Students About AI


Today, we hear about Artificial Intelligence everywhere. This is true especially for teachers who not only are discovering ways we can use it to help make our life easier, but also have to learn how to navigate a world where students can use it. 


But, how and what should we teach students about AI? To help answer this question, Google has made a Discover AI in Daily Life course where students can “Learn artificial intelligence concepts using Quick, Draw!, AutoDraw, Google Translate, and Google Slides.”  In the course, you can find lesson plans, rubrics and even printable certificates. 


Topics include: 

  1. Introduction to Discover AI in Daily Life Attachment
  2. Explore Quick, Draw!
  3. Explore a Typical Day Using Artificial Intelligence
  4. Discover Some Challenges of Artificial Intelligence
  5. Start Your Presentation
  6. Use AutoDraw in Your Presentation
  7. Use Google Translate to Translate Your Words
  8. Link the Translations
  9. Discover AI in Daily Life Wrap Up
  10. Quiz
  11. Extensions


Please comment and let me know if you try this with your students!

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