ISTE 2018 Day 2 Highlights


On Tuesday I attended a session called Leveraging Innovation: The Classroom Startup. I picked this one over so many others because it sounded like it was right in line with what I try to do in the classroom.  Amanda Lanicek, Andi McNair and Don Wettrick were the presenters. It turned out to be mostly about Genius Hour and passion projects, but they did discuss some awesome resources I am super excited to try next year.

Now, when I share this list, if you roll your eyes and think you didn’t know about that already?? Then please leave me a comment and let me know what additional resources you think I should check out this summer? There is soooo much out there, I have a hard time keeping up!

  1. Anchor – I love to give my students options on how they submit their assignments, and I often encourage them to think outside the box – it’s sad, but they think Prezi is outside the box. Anchor claims to be the easiest way to make a podcast and I look forward to seeing what my students can do with it.
  2. Nepris – I can’t wait to try this! Nepris connects industry professionals to the classroom. Next year, my environmental science class is going to be entirely project-based. I am going to let the students run with their ideas – no matter how big, so I have a feeling this tool may come in handy.
  3. Thrively – claims to “help teachers guide K-12 students through a journey to develop their strengths, interests, and aspirations and discover their own genius. I treat my classroom like a coworking space and we talk about how the most valuable resource we have is each other. My goal is to use this tool to help each student identify what he/she can contribute the most to the class.

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