It Really Does Feel Like Magic


Alot of the AI tools out there that are helpful for teachers are not made for teachers. I myself keep a ChatGPT tab perpetually open on my computer. 


One tool that is made specifically for educators is MagicSchool. When I first made an account, I couldn’t use it for a few weeks because I was so overwhelmed by the interface and the number of options. However, I kept hearing about it, so I finally dove in. I’d like to highlight a few tools that I have already personally used and implemented. 

  • PBL Generator – I have used Defined Learning in the past and have never really found anything useful. When given a prompt, it gives you a project, how to give the students voice and choice, ways to assess, how the students will collaborate, etc. I have actually found this free tool far more useful than the paid tool. 
  • Lesson Plan Generator – sometimes I have a topic and just need to get a few ideas, or have the lesson but just need a little help writing the objectives. 
  • AI Resistant Assignment Creator – okay, I haven’t implemented one of these assignments with my students, but I have played around with it and it is really interesting. You tell it your prompt and it helps you reward it in a way that makes it more difficult for AI. 
  • Quiz Generator – this will make up to 20 questions and provide the answers based on text that you copy and paste. 


Other department specific tools you may find interesting include: 

  • SAT Question Creator
  • Science Lab Creator
  • Math Word Problem Generator


Other tools for teachers do exist, such as QuestionWell and ClassX, however, with those two in particular, you are stuck with the output it gives you. With MagicSchool, you can collaborate and give feedback, asking for a different set of questions, or more details, or even the student directions. Also unlike other tools, it saves your history, so you can go back to previous searches. 


They really seem to want to make a one stop shop for teachers. They even have a Chatbot that operates just like ChatGPT, so you are not required to use their tools. 


I imagine in a year or two, we’ll chuckle that we were ever impressed with something like MagicSchool. But in the meantime, I recommend checking out this free tool. 

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