Leveraging Technology to Increase the Number of College Graduates


In the United States, many high school students opt for higher education. This is a good thing considering so many of the desirable jobs require a college degree. However, the number of students that actually graduate with a four-year degree is staggering: a mere 32% who enroll get their diploma within six years.

In the article, The Import Role of Tech in Closing the Degree Attainment Gap, Matthew Lynch says

“Technology could play an important role in minimizing the number of college dropouts and start closing the gap. With the new programs available to educators and administrators, students might become more likely to stick with school until they achieve a more successful outcome.”

Specifically, the three ways Lynch identifies that technology can help include:

  1. Data can determine who is likely to drop out.
  2. Students need more personalized attention.
  3. Technology gives more support to students.

You can read more about his solutions here.

What are your thoughts on this list?



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