Miami EdTech announces new teachers for SIEL 2019 Cohort

We’re excited to announce our new cohort of teachers in our Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership Incubator! At Miami EdTech, we believe that today’s educators represent a largely untapped pool of innovation and ingenuity. In partnership with Teach For America Miami-Dade, our Social Innovation & Entrepreneurial Leadership (SIEL) Incubator targets educators with a technology-enabled idea on how to improve education. As the boots on the ground, these individuals have invaluable insight, access, and the passion required to launch and scale an edtech startup. SIEL provides a clear and proven pathway for educators to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while better preparing today’s youth for 21st century success.

This next group of entrepreneurs will range from a startup that provides eyeglasses to students through a seamless interface and experience, to a founder dedicated to transforming how school’s use hall passes in a climate of school shootings. To date 25 startups have gone through Miami EdTech’s programming, including Kiddie Kredit, which is a mobile app experience teaching financial literacy for all.

The SIEL model ensures that both a.) the program participants, and b.) the beneficiaries of their startups’ success, begins with servicing our target population: the fourth largest school district in the country, boasting, 392 schools, 345,000 students, over 40,000 employees, and 56 languages representing 160 countries… Miami Dade County Public Schools.

Meet the SIEL 2019 Cohort


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