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Miami EdTech and Riders.AI partner with the UD Foundation to provide 250 licenses to students to enhance STEM skills


Miami EdTech and Riders are proud to announce their successful partnership with the Udonis Haslem Foundation, established by the three-time NBA Champion Udonis Haslem, to enhance STEM education in local public schools. This collaboration will bring an exciting expansion of robotics and coding programs to 10 schools, including notable institutions such as Hialeah Gardens Sr High School, Coral Park Sr High School, and Southwest Sr High, enriching the educational experience with cutting-edge STEM skills by providing 250 licenses to the Riders Software. 

Students engaging with the Riders.ai platform gain hands-on experience in constructing and programming simulated 3D robots using Python, block-based coding, and custom codes. The platform’s virtual curriculum introduces them to algorithm development, imparting artificial intelligence skills like image recognition and object detection. Accompanied by over 60 hours of video tutorials, students not only build and code robots but also have the chance to compete with peers nationally and globally.

“83 million jobs worldwide will become automated by 2027 and Miami ranks 2nd with a potential 15% job-loss- it’s our responsibility to ensure that we prepare our teachers and the future of our STEM workforce with the skills and knowledge to thrive in this evolving economy” Carlos Vazquez, our Founder shares. 

With this partnership we are excited to nurture Miami’s future tech innovators and entrepreneurs by investing in the city’s talent pool, thus strengthening the city’s position as a hub for innovation and technological advancement.

Read the official announcement here.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at info@miamiedtech.com 

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