My Experience As an AI Apprentice at Miami EdTech

Hello everyone my name is Norbert Seals. I am an AI Apprentice for Miami EdTech. My background is in computer programming and software development. Before I made the career change to tech I was involved in video production with Major League Soccer and a warehouse associate for a Marine Parts company. I graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Television/Radio Broadcasting. In 2021, I decided to pursue computer programming and I was able to graduate from 4Geeks Academy in Miami with a Full-Stack coding bootcamp certification.

My first day at Miami EdTech was amazing! I love the location and the environment. Everyone is very nice and friendly. The onboarding process was very smooth. On my first day as an apprentice, the tasks given to me were to set up my work environment, set up my RTI courses for AI and Data Analytics on Coursera, set up my GoSprout account to log my hours, and see over the Miami EdTech website for bugs or fixes needed using WordPress. 

My goals while working as an apprentice for Miami EdTech are to improve upon my SQL, R programming, Data Warehousing, Tableau, Python, and Cloud Computing capabilities. I am also super excited about the Google Data Analytics certification and Microsoft Azure certifications that I will soon earn as a Miami EdTech Apprentice! I believe that Miami EdTech will help me in my professional journey by giving me the tools,  guidance, and on-the-training in order to get the job done! 

My career aspirations are to become a professional Data Analyst and move up the ranks as a Data Scientist. The apprenticeship aligns with my goals because of the curriculum, tools and guidance given. My future goals after the apprenticeship are to land a full-time role as a Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or ML/AI Developer for an amazing company that is happy to have me on their team. I am very excited, happy, and thankful to be given this opportunity.

I want to thank the Miami EdTech team for allowing me to become their apprentice! I am so excited and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me at Miami EdTech!

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