Need a Classroom Assistant?


As far as Artificial Intelligence goes, we have heard a lot about ChatGPT lately and its impact on education. However, other strides are being made to utilize the power of AI in the classroom. One such application is using AI as a virtual assistant.


One of the biggest concerns on administrators’ minds for 2023 is student privacy and security. This can make using something like Alexa problematic. But have no fear! Merlyn Mind Symphony Classroom AI enabled hub is here. Merlyn is specially designed for the classroom and is controlled by the teacher and admin. 


In Artificial intelligence from Merlyn Mind is helping teachers with classroom management and so much more, Rebecca Torchia writes, “Digital assistants, powered by artificial intelligence and driven by interoperability, provide a way to bridge the gap between combating burnout and implementing advanced technology. These assistants have the potential to make technology more accessible for teachers while giving them the time and support they need to connect with their students on a social-emotional level.”


Teachers are able to use Merlyn to set timers, close tabs, pause a Youtube video, etc. Merlyn also helps teachers untether from their desk and move about the classroom. In the article, one teacher describes being able to ask Merlyn anything from anywhere in the room, which keeps him from having to run back to his desk to type a student’s question into the browser. 


Of course, the price tag is significantly higher than Alexa, pricing them out of many teachers’ reach. Hopefully over time, they will become more affordable and we will have more options. How would you use an AI personal assistant in the classroom?

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