New Year, New You? New Edtech Tools to Try!

New Year, New You? New Edtech Tools to Try!

The New Year can bring new resolutions both personally and professionally. If you are a classroom teacher, is one of your resolutions to try out some new technology?

One of my education heroes, Jennifer Gonzalez, of Cult of Pedagogy, wrote a blog post to give us some guidance (because I must not be the only one to get overwhelmed by all the tech). In the article, 6 Ed Tech Tools to try in 2019, she says,

“I don’t think technology is the end-all be-all, and of course it brings new problems into our lives, but just watching the creativity behind these tools makes me so excited to live in a time when so many ordinary people can actually bring their ideas to life and watch those ideas impact the world.”

For the New Year, she gave us 6 Top Tools to check out and 2 Honorable Mentions. They include:

Do you have any new Edtech tools you are resolving to try out this year? Share below! I’d love to hear all about them. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am super excited to start learning more about Google Tour Creator!


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