New Year, New You, New Tools


I normally never recommend things that teachers have to pay for, however, to start off the 2023 year, I am super excited about Jennifer Gonzalez’s Guide to Tech 2023. You may know her from Cult of Pedagogy, one of my all time favorite teacher resources. 

The world of ed tech can be exciting. As Gonzalez  says, “Right now, tens of thousands of people are developing mind-blowing, creative tools that can equip you to teach more effectively, save a lot of time, and empower your students.” However, that can also be overwhelming. Many teachers I work with get frustrated when they spend time learning one tool and then all of a sudden there’s another one. 

The guide comes out to $25 for one user, and I swear I don’t make any money off of it! I just really think it is a comprehensive list that breaks down categories and subjects of edtech tools in a way that’s easy to find and digest. I used the Guide in 2022 and it was incredibly useful. 

If you are interested in learning and trying new things this year, see if your department or schools have it in their budget to purchase it for you. You can check out the guide here.

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