The Coworking Classroom for the 21st Century

I don’t teach students in a classroom, I facilitate the learning of students in a coworking space.  Maybe don’t tell my principle, but my main goal as an educator is not to drill the content into the kids’ heads. My focus is to help prepare them for the 21stcentury and life beyond the classroom. I […]

Does the US have the Edge in the Edtech Market?

In the article Which Country is Leading the Edtech Movement, Matthew Lynch says right now, most would agree the United States is in fact leading the market. “The country’s population size, large economy, and tech and innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley contribute to edtech’s success in the United States. The U.S. has pioneered advances […]

When Edtech Companies Just Don’t Understand

Edtech is a huge market – almost 1.2 BILLION was spent on new edtech in American school systems. However, only about 60% of teachers think the edtech they use in the classroom is actually meeting their needs and/or the needs of the students. The right edtech with the right training can not only make teachers’ […]

Time for a Vocab Quiz – the Edtech Kind, Of Course

The words you use matter. If you are interested in getting into the edtech start-up space, check out this article, 10 Words Every Edtech Entrepreneur Should Know, by Matthew Lynch to get you started on beefing up your edtech vocabulary. “Ask any successful Edtech Entrepreneur, and he/she will tell you that it is imperative to know […]