When Edtech Companies Just Don’t Understand


Edtech is a huge market – almost 1.2 BILLION was spent on new edtech in American school systems. However, only about 60% of teachers think the edtech they use in the classroom is actually meeting their needs and/or the needs of the students.

The right edtech with the right training can not only make teachers’ lives easier, but also improve student performance. Most teachers I know already feel overworked (and underpaid – but that’s a different issue!), so having the added responsibility of weeding out ineffective technology is overwhelming.

In the article If Your Edtech Product Won’t Solve Actual Problems, We Don’t Need It, Matthew Lynch says,

“Keep in mind that teachers want to know how effective this product is once they implement it in the classroom. Edtech companies need to find ways to add data management into the platform for educators to review. This can help teachers and administrators to see whether your product is meeting an actual need or whether their dollars would be better spent elsewhere. All edtech needs to serve a real and valuable purpose in the classroom.”

What are your experiences with edtech in the classroom – are you one of the 60% or one of the 40%?




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