Teachers vs. Tech


What has the biggest impact on student achievement? The teacher or the tech? In an article titled, “Why the Teachers vs Tech Narrative Must Go” Matthew Lynch argues that tech is never going to replace the teacher. He says,

“Research studies consistently have shown that the single most significant indicator of student success is the child’s teacher. An excellent teacher makes all the difference in student achievement, but naysayers insist that technology has come to take over and rid classrooms of the one thing that always creates significant student achievement.”

  • Technology helps teachers leverage time
  • Savvy teachers will use technology to differentiate instruction
  • Students find new ways to connect and engage with tech

You can read more about it here.

I believe that teachers + tech = amazingness. However, that is often predicated on a few things, such as meaningful teacher training and effective edtech.

What are your thoughts? Can you see tech replacing teachers in the future?

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