The sky IS falling


It has been about a year since ChatGPT came into our lives. Working in education, I have witnessed a rollercoaster of emotions regarding AI. On a daily basis, teachers are either super excited to try a new AI tool, or they rant about how it’s the end of the world. 


For teachers who want to continue to teach the way they have for most of their career, the sky really is now falling. It is one thing to attempt to keep kids off of ChatGPT for assignments now. However, what Google has coming is going to completely change the game again. In the near future, Google Docs is going to have a ChatGPT like feature BUILT INTO IT. You won’t have to go somewhere else. It will be right there waiting for you to ask it a question. If you want to check out this craziness, you can watch this video or read this article.  


In order to remain effective, teachers are going to have to stop putting time and energy in figuring out how to keep students from using the tech to complete their pre-2023 assignments, and begin thinking about how to completely redesign them. I also believe the things we think we need to know how to do now are significantly going to change in the not too distant future. 


I have never heard anyone argue that the invention of the printing press was a bad thing. Usually, we hear about how amazing it is because we were able to spread information like never before. However, with this technology came at a cost. Prior to the printing press, humans were able to memorize and recant vast amounts of information, like epic poems. Once we were able to record the written word more easily, we no longer needed to be able to do this. Now. I only have 4 phone numbers momorized and have a hard time remembering my favorite joke. 


It is possibly the most interesting time in education in history. What changes do think we need to make to our curriculum? Let us know below!

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