What Does 5G Mean for Edtech?


The next big advancement in the Internet could also mean big things for edtech: and that’s 5G.

In the Education Leveraging on 5G, Roberto Saracco says,

“5G, with its capacity to connect local networks and the big Internet, can provide a strong support to the future of education. The student, but in perspective anyone of us since the world is demanding a continuous upgrade of our knowledge – continuous professional education, can be in contact with a variety of data and information derived from the ambient, every day, connecting them to what she is learning in a variety of domains, including physics, mathematics, history, architecture,… The world around us is rich in explicit and implicit information and knowledge that can be used to complement and reinforce learning.”

However, in 5G and Edtech? Kevin Hogan states,

Sounds great, right? You’ve also probably heard it before. The promise of 5G is similar to many promises made through the years for technology in schools. Even the most optimistic projections don’t see any real solution in fewer than five years.

Do you think 5G will have a big impact on education?

No shame if you don’t know enough about 5G to have an opinion, you can read more about what exactly it is and what it means here.


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