eMerge Americas and Miami EdTech highlight local Champions with “Window into the Workforce” series

The world of work is evolving at an unprecedented pace, driven by technological advancements, changing attitudes, and global events. As we stand at the crossroads of innovation and employment, gaining a clear “Window into the Workforce” becomes crucial for professionals, business leaders, and policymakers alike. eMerge Americas, the premier global tech event, took the stage by storm with insightful talks powered by Miami EdTech that provided just that — a glimpse into the ever-changing landscape of education and work.

eMerge Americas, known for its vibrant platform fostering collaboration, ideation, and knowledge-sharing, brought to the forefront one of the most pressing topics of our time: the future of work. The Launchpad Stage, a focal point of innovation and thought leadership, curated a series of talks under the theme “Window into the Workforce.” These talks aimed to shed light on the trends, challenges, and opportunities that define today’s workplace and will shape tomorrow’s careers.

Cultivating a Talent Pipeline - Amy Firestone

To kick things off, Carlos Vazquez and Amy Firestone, Student and Emerging Professionals Program Manager (Supervisory) for the US Forest Services spoke on Cultivating a Talent Pipeline via workforce development and Apprenticeships. Connecting students who are looking for companies to train them and companies looking to train students, Amy has been successful in bridging this gap. Apprenticeships are key in upskilling or gaining experience from the bottom up that benefit both the company and the trainee. Learn more about Apprenticeships here: 

Getting involved in the Local Education System - Kwamara Thompson & Evan Leaphart

Kwamara and Evan are invited to the stage and speak on their involvement in the educational system and inspiring listeners to get involved and think differently about the way the school system should work. 

Kwamara Thompson, a lifelong educator and entrepreneur, shared her journey as a public school teacher as a woman of color in the rooms she would be in, speaking on the importance of Community Connection. She shares “You are a statement of what can be”. Evan speaks on the learning concepts in financial literacy and teaching things he wishes he knew at an earlier stage.

The biggest takeaway from this talk was how the public school system needs reworking to be able to accommodate the changes happening in the world and preparing students to be thinkers and doers. Catch a snippet of the talk here: 

Full STEAM Ahead in the K-12 Classroom - Max Ringelheim, Dr. Derrick Cash

Max hosts a panel with Dr. Derrick Cash and two of his robotics students who speak on building an electric vehicle, the programming skills they’ve learnt and the impact the STEAM programs have had on the students. The students felt impacted and well prepared to go into college and their careers with the experience they’ve had in their high school classrooms. With dynamic teaching that’s led to more doors opening for students, it is powerful to see a workforce more excited and prepared to go into varying STEAM fields. 

M-DCPS fuels the Tech Ecosystem - Dr. Lupe Diaz

Dr. Lupe Diaz speaks about Career and Technical Education in Miami-Dade Public Schools and how important it is for students to be trained in professional areas by getting involved in pursuing careers and learning about their fields early on. In the state of Florida Miami-Dade services 105000 students which is the largest Career Tech program. Learn more about what’s happening in Miami-Dade Public Schools here: 

Miami EdTech’s commitment to fostering a symbiotic relationship between education and industry reflects the spirit of adaptability and collaboration necessary for the workforce, innovators and dreamers of tomorrow.

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