Miami EdTech Week powered by Innovare launches during Miami Tech Month

Recognizing an opportunity to further support the growing community of EdTech entrepreneurs and highlight the need for transformative digital learning tools and experiences, Miami EdTech Week powered by Innovare will take place from April 10th – 15th throughout various locations in South Florida. The week will feature workshops and sessions that shed light into the education space in which VC-backed companies raised more than $20 billion in 2021 and $14.6 billion in 2020. An increase in technology infrastructure investments over the past decade has enabled edtech companies to scale in ways never before seen. REGISTER HERE

According to Crunchbase, “edtech companies that received the most funding last year ranged from adult education and upskilling startups to exam software to learning programs for children. One subsector that appears to be growing is online education for adults, an area that includes Coursera and Udemy.”   

Miami EdTech, an education technology non-profit dedicated to ensuring equitable access to STEM and Computer Science careers, has worked to level the playing field in an increasingly competitive job landscape since launching in 2017. The title sponsor for this year’s event is Innovare – Social Innovation Partners, a Chicago-based EdTech company expanding into Miami that is looking to scale its impact on education leadership via its cloud-based strategy and analytics platform Inno™. 

“Learning is an underappreciated process. More technology doesn’t necessarily mean better learning, but when we combine other elements- training, policy, stakeholder engagement, it sets the stage for exponential impact,” said Carlos Vazquez, Founder of Miami EdTech. “ “For example, Florida recently became the largest state to mandate a financial literacy course for high school graduation, a huge opportunity that benefits edtech and fintech companies such as Kiddie Kredit (headquartered in Miami, Fl).” 

Miami EdTech Week powered by Innovare plans to immerse participants in relevant programming that leverages the perspective of teachers, students, families, and founders. With Miami continuing to emerge as a premiere startup capital, the need for edtech innovation that tackles the largest systemic challenges is higher than ever.

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