2023 NAF M-DPCS Mega Student Industry Conference

NAF MEGA Student Industry Conference is an annual event that brings together educators, employers, and students! With the unified goal to discuss the future of education and workforce development, the impact made was bigger than ever! As an employer, attending this conference was a great opportunity to connect with talented young people, learn about the latest trends in education, and network with other industry leaders.

With a powerful opening by our Founder Carlos, the heroes in education, Dr. Diaz and Superintendent Dotres and a powerful keynote speaker by Jennifer Arbeleaz, this year’s conference was unforgettable!

One of the main benefits of attending the NAF conference was the chance to meet and engage with high school students who are enrolled in NAF academies. These students are typically interested in pursuing careers in fields such as finance, hospitality, healthcare, and engineering. By interacting with them, we gained valuable insights into the qualities and skills that the next generation of workers will bring to the table.

Students and educators alike participated in panel discussions and workshops, where they shared their expertise and learned from others in their industry.

Another important aspect of the NAF conference was the chance to learn about the latest trends in education and inspiring our future workforce. From discussions on emerging technologies to presentations on best practices for becoming your best in your field and loving what you do, students gained valuable insights that can help them stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing job market.

Attending the NAF conference was an incredible and worthwhile experience that we always recommend. From connecting with talented students, learning about the latest trends and progress in education and workforce development, networking with other industry leaders, and for students building their network, everyone left with valuable insights that would help them stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing job market. We look forward next years NAF Conference!

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