What Does 5G Mean for Edtech?

The next big advancement in the Internet could also mean big things for edtech: and that’s 5G. In the Education Leveraging on 5G, Roberto Saracco says, “5G, with its capacity to connect local networks and the big Internet, can provide a strong support to the future of education. The student, but in perspective anyone of […]

When Edtech Companies Just Don’t Understand

Edtech is a huge market – almost 1.2 BILLION was spent on new edtech in American school systems. However, only about 60% of teachers think the edtech they use in the classroom is actually meeting their needs and/or the needs of the students. The right edtech with the right training can not only make teachers’ […]

Tips on Implementing New Tech in Schools

Change brings turbulence – it’s a fact of life. This is also true when implementing new technology, despite all the benefits the new technology is going to bring. But don’t despair! There are ways to make the turbulence as light as possible. Check out this article, 7 Lessons for Surviving a Tech Upgrade by Chris […]

New Classroom Model – No Need to Flip Out!

The flipped classroom model is a new trend in education, made only possible with the implementation of technology in schools. In a traditional classroom, the teacher lectures (or “dumps” information), then the students complete some kind of assignment and if they don’t finish, it becomes homework. In a flipped classroom, the students prepare for class […]

Habits of the Ed Tech Savvy Mind

Teachers who effectively use technology in the classroom definitely seem to have some things in common. In this article, 10 Habits of Tech-Savvy Teachers, Matthew Lynch explains the shared attributes of these educators. “It’s not the apps you use or the skills you’ve mastered that make you truly “tech-savvy.” Rather, it’s a whole attitude of […]