Miami EdTech partners with Academy for Computer Science Education at FIU

Miami, FL – July 27, 2020 – Miami EdTech, Inc., a leading provider of professional development for teachers and innovative K-12 curriculum in the areas of computer science and entrepreneurship, and the Academy for Computer Science Education at FIU, announced their partnership to focus on strengthening the local education ecosystem to better prepare teachers and […]

Effective Online Teaching Strategies

Not that long into the pandemic, I read an article by AJ Julini titled This is Not Online or Distance Learning. In it, he calls what we are currently doing Emergency Remote Learning because it was not planned for.  As we look to the future, so much is uncertain, but chances are, remote learning will […]

Meet Ana Buznego, your new favorite teacher.

First and foremost, the COVID-19 pandemic is a health crisis. In order to address this crisis, many countries have decided to close schools, colleges, and universities. As a result, the pace at which teachers were asked to move their teaching ‘online’ was at an untested and unprecedented scale. For the most part, “traditional” assessments have […]

Microsoft awards $125,000 to Miami EdTech

The EdXpert, powered by Microsoft program provides Miami-Dade County public school K-12 STEM teachers with computer science based professional development opportunities, and focuses on Title I schools and those scoring low in Teacher Professional Development. EdXpert, powered by Microsoft is a “train-the-trainer” program which builds capacity for teachers to deliver computer science and technology-enabled lessons […]

Computer Science Teachers Association Launches in Miami!

CSTA Miami

With over 25,000 members from more than 145 countries, The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) is a membership organization that supports and promotes the teaching of computer science. We’re excited to announce our partnership and leadership in the launch of the CSTA Miami Chapter! What does CSTA do?  CSTA provides opportunities for K–12 teachers and […]

New Keynote Features Allow for Endless Creativity

One of my favorite things about having 1:1 iPads at my school is that there are so many opportunities for students to create. Over the course of the year, they use GarageBand to make raps about science and iMovie to produce environmental PSAs (among many other things). Now, with new Keynote features, students can even […]

New Year, New You? New Edtech Tools to Try!

The New Year can bring new resolutions both personally and professionally. If you are a classroom teacher, is one of your resolutions to try out some new technology? One of my education heroes, Jennifer Gonzalez, of Cult of Pedagogy, wrote a blog post to give us some guidance (because I must not be the only […]

What HyperDocs can do for You (and more importantly, your students)

I first learned about HyperDocs at the International Society for Technology in Education earlier this year. They were new to me, but they have been around for a little while. The HyperDoc Girls coined the term and published a book in 2016.  So, what exactly is a hyperdoc? Basically, it is a hyperlinked document.  Hyperlinks […]

The Importance of Formative Assessments

Formative assessments are a powerful tool that not only allows a teacher to gauge where his/her students are and aid in personalizing learning, but also allows the student to reflect on what and how they are learning. Thinking about thinking is one of the 16 Habits of Mind that help us navigate situations when we don’t […]

Teachers vs. Tech

What has the biggest impact on student achievement? The teacher or the tech? In an article titled, “Why the Teachers vs Tech Narrative Must Go” Matthew Lynch argues that tech is never going to replace the teacher. He says, “Research studies consistently have shown that the single most significant indicator of student success is the […]