2023 CTE M-DCPS Pre-Apprenticeship Day

"Habit and imitation--there is nothing more perennial in us than these two. They are the source of all working, and all apprenticeship, of all practice, and all learning, in this world."

Pre-Apprenticeship Day, hosted by CTE & M-DCPS, was a day filled with energy, enthusiasm, and over 400 eager students, all gathered to explore and learn more about the world of Registered Apprenticeship Programs and the importance of  Pre-Apprenticeship Programs for current high-school students! With our amazing host Papa Kieth, from 103.5, it was nothing short of amazing.

We had the privilege of standing beside powerhouses like Related Group, Greater Miami and the Beaches Hotel Association, Florida Department of Transportation, Career Source Fl as well as Florida Carpenters Trust and it was amazing to see the passion each employer had it wanting to be a part of the students success post during and post-high school. 

After some great introductions by Dr. Lupe Diaz as well as a special note from William Porro, Assistant Director from the office of Innovation and Economic Development, we had an amazing panel with the sponsors diving deeper into conversations about the incredible benefits of Registered Apprenticeship Programs as well as Pre-Apprenticeship Programs. 

Each sponsor planted new ideas on the students’ minds about the way that they think about their future. The greatest part was the student Q&A where some challenging questions were thrown at the panelists and resulted in a marvelous conversation and built up the confidence of the students going into different sectors. From that conversation it was easy to see the students’ eagerness to embark on a journey of skill-building, hands-on experience, and career growth!

What was really special for us was seeing previous interns seeking apprenticeship opportunities and seeing the impact we made during their time with us in the summer for the Summer Youth Internship Program!

A special kudos to the CTE team, led by Dr. Diaz, who successfully brought a vision for tomorrow’s workforce! We applaud their commitment to fostering growth as well as preparing their students to enter the workforce. 


We are honored to be part of the students’ journey, as well as provide the necessary tools they need to succeed in a pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship position! We can’t wait to see these students flourish and look forward to how they will shift the workforce space with their brilliant minds, hard work-ethic as well as their passion to see a better tomorrow. 

Take a look at the incredible memories shot at Pre-Apprenticeship Day!


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