New Year, New You, New Tools

I normally never recommend things that teachers have to pay for, however, to start off the 2023 year, I am super excited about Jennifer Gonzalez’s Guide to Tech 2023. You may know her from Cult of Pedagogy, one of my all time favorite teacher resources.   The world of ed tech can be exciting. As […]

How Much Influence Do We Really Have?

In a post called “When it Comes to Edtech, How Much Influence Do Teachers Have” Nadia Tamez-Robledo, looks at how edtech companies are ensuring their products work for teachers? These stakeholders are responsible for determining how to incorporate it into the lesson plan.    The article covers how edtech is designed, what investors want and […]

New Year, New Apps to Try

It’s that time of year again! The start of a new school year. As teachers, we get a new set of students to learn and teach. Since we get a chance to start fresh, it can also be a time to try new things. One of those things can be new technology. I am (obviously) […]

It’s All About Context

I am lucky enough to work in a place that is not lacking in resources. Students have 1:1 iPads and teachers have Macbooks and iPads, not to mention classrooms required AppleTV. However, not all teachers are excited about having this technology at their fingertips. Many teachers blame iPads for the reason their students are disengaged. […]

Failure *IS* the Option

One of the biggest problems I have in my classroom are students who are scared of failure. This sounds counterintuitive, I am sure. Students are supposed to not want to fail, they are supposed to want to get the A. When I say failure, I am not talking about the grade. I am talking about […]

Changes are Coming…

In the article “Employers Are Changing How They View Training. Here are Education Trends They See Coming” by Jeffrey R. Young, Young points out that “Many of the largest employers in the country are changing how they approach offering training and education benefits to their employees.”   Several possible education trends discussed in the article […]

How to Foster Your Child’s Interest in Coding

Many parents know that computer science education is important and that job opportunities in the CS field are growing. However, for those parents who are not the most tech savvy or haven’t been exposed to a CS education themselves, supporting their child can be overwhelming and intimidating.   Good news! According to Madhu Govind and […]

Have You Tried These Edtech Tools?

As educators, we have had to deal with unprecedented change. It is hard to keep your head above water, let alone have the mental space to try new tech. As Jennifer Gonzalez of Cult of Pedagogy says, “It’s hard to imagine a time in recent history when we had more distractions, more challenges, more stuff […]

Groupwork ≠ Collaboration

As educators we all make mistakes. However, one of the biggest mistakes I have made in my teaching career is assuming that just because I put my kids in groups that they are collaborating. I am passionate about preparing students for life after college and I try to keep the 21st Century skills in mind […]

Good News: You don’t have to be an expert

Recently, I was having a conversation with one of my teachers. She came to me for help moving her project up the SAMR Model from augmentation to at least modification. I gave her one example of an industry level technology tool she could use with her students. I was excited about my suggestion and assumed […]