How Virtual Social Learning Can Happen

Teaching and learning online is becoming more and more common. One concern for students under 18 is the missing social education component from a tradition classroom. However, in the article How Can Teachers Increase Social Learning While Teaching Online, Jacqui Murray  argues, “Traditional classrooms were a conduit for social learning where students could sit together and […]

Two Birds, One Innovative Technological Stone

The “net-zero” building boom is coming from a seemingly unlikely place: k-12 Schools. In the article “How students learn from super green schools that use zero energy” Chris Berdik says, “Dozens of these ultra-green schools are going up in every sort of district – urban and rural, affluent and lower income, blue state and red […]

Innovation Inside the Box

But only when there is no other way! George Couros, Author of The Innovator’s Mindset, believes, “We can’t ask teachers to be innovative in their practice while administrators do the same thing they have always done. I have noticed that the schools where teachers are doing incredible things have leadership that innovates inside the box. […]

Countdown to ISTE 2018!

The Society for Technology in Education conference is just two weeks away! Not only am I going to be attending for the first time, but I am also going to be speaking. If you’ll be there too, you can check out my talk on Using Principles of Successful Start-up Companies in the Classroom: To facilitate student […]

Characteristics of a Digital Pedagogy

Leveraging technology in education has created the need for a shift in pedagogy. Now, when planning curriculum, educators need to think about Digital Pedagogy. “Broadly defined, digital pedagogy is the use of electronic elements to enhance or to change to experience of education.” But what are the characteristics of a Digital Pedagogy? TeachThought has presented […]

Does the US have the Edge in the Edtech Market?

In the article Which Country is Leading the Edtech Movement, Matthew Lynch says right now, most would agree the United States is in fact leading the market. “The country’s population size, large economy, and tech and innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley contribute to edtech’s success in the United States. The U.S. has pioneered advances […]

What Does 5G Mean for Edtech?

The next big advancement in the Internet could also mean big things for edtech: and that’s 5G. In the Education Leveraging on 5G, Roberto Saracco says, “5G, with its capacity to connect local networks and the big Internet, can provide a strong support to the future of education. The student, but in perspective anyone of […]

When Edtech Companies Just Don’t Understand

Edtech is a huge market – almost 1.2 BILLION was spent on new edtech in American school systems. However, only about 60% of teachers think the edtech they use in the classroom is actually meeting their needs and/or the needs of the students. The right edtech with the right training can not only make teachers’ […]

Tips on Implementing New Tech in Schools

Change brings turbulence – it’s a fact of life. This is also true when implementing new technology, despite all the benefits the new technology is going to bring. But don’t despair! There are ways to make the turbulence as light as possible. Check out this article, 7 Lessons for Surviving a Tech Upgrade by Chris […]

New Classroom Model – No Need to Flip Out!

The flipped classroom model is a new trend in education, made only possible with the implementation of technology in schools. In a traditional classroom, the teacher lectures (or “dumps” information), then the students complete some kind of assignment and if they don’t finish, it becomes homework. In a flipped classroom, the students prepare for class […]